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Kerusi Urut Cuckoo Bespoke Massage Chair

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Penapis Air Cuckoo King Top 2 Open Pre Order Now!

Penapis Air CUCKOO Harga Terkini Cuckoo BATU CAVES


King Top

Penapis Air Mineral Unlimited Flow, Suhu Panas Sejuk & Suhu Bilik, Serendah RM55 Sebulan! Beli Cash Diskaun RM288! Book Sekarang!

Product highlight:
  • Designed for homes
  • Slim and stylish design
  • First mild-alkaline water purifier that features room-temperature and cold water
  • Nano Positive Filtration System
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Child lock safety feature


Xcel 3 Warna

Penapis Air CUCKOO Xcel Model Design Modern Button Digital Touch! Serendah RM2.2 Sehari Untuk Unlimited Air Mineral Dirumah! Slim Design Jimat Ruang Dapur! Tekan Button Whatsapp Untuk Info Lanjut!

Product highlight:
  • Quality meets style
  • Taking minimalistic design to its limit, the XCEL is a lightweight powerhouse that will seamlessly blend into your kitchen design.
  • Hot, cold and room temperature settings
  • Stylish touch display
  • Nifty and minimalistic


Icon 13 Suhu

Penapis Air CUCKOO Icon Adalah Model Digital Ada Tangki! Antara Model Paling Canggih! Menghasilkan 13 Suhu Air! Paling Istimewa Ada Fungsi Auto Sterelisation Yang Boleh Cuci Saluran Dalam Mesin & Faucet Keluar Air Secara Auto! Info Lanjut Tekan Whatsapp!

Product Highlight :

  1. World’s First In & Out Electrolysis Sterilisation System
  2. Touch panel with mood light
  3. Energy Eye Sensor
  4. Streamlined design
  5. Child Lock Safety Feature
  6. Voice Navigation (English, Malay, Chinese)
  7. 13 Temperature Settings (5 Hot Water Levels, 3 Room Water Levels, 5 Cold Water Levels)


Iris 13 Suhu

Penapis Air CUCKOO iris Adalah Model Digital Ada Tangki! Antara Model Paling Canggih! Menghasilkan 13 Suhu Air! Info Lanjut Tekan Whatsapp!

Product Highlight:

  1. 6-stage filtration system
  2. Display panel in English
  3. Child-lock safety feature
  4. Digital touch panel
  5. Digital clock display
  6. 13 temperature settings


Vivid Panas & Suam

Khas Untuk Yang Tak Minum Air Sejuk

Product highlight:
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • Nano Positive Filtration System
  • Hot wATER Temperature Indicator
  • Stylish & Minimalistic Design
  • Individual Hot Button Switch
  • Child Lock Safety Feature


Queen Stand

Penapis Air Terbesar Di Malaysia Untuk Rumah & Premis Perniagaan

Product highlight:
  • Malaysia’s largest stainless-steel water purifier tank yet
  • Temperature Dial for easy temperature setting
  • 6-stage nano positive filtration system
  • Water level indicator
  • Water temperature indicator



Penapis Air Table Top Untuk Rumah & Premis Perniagaan

Product highlight:
  • The first mechanical water purifier with Faucet Sterilisation
  • 6-Stage Filtration System
  • High-capacity antibacterial stainless-steel water tank
  • Instant Hot,cold and room temperature water output
  • Mechanical child safety lock



Penapis Air Tanpa Tangki, Design Moden & Canggih

Product highlight:
  • World’s First In & Out Electrolysis Sterilisation System
  • New-generation Filter – Nano Positive Plus Filter
  • New-generation Filter – Natural Plus Filter
  • Streamlined design
  • Voice Navigation (English, Malay, Chinese)
  • Energy-saving instant hot water – dispenses hot water within 3 seconds
  • Fixed dispensing function – half cup, full cup or continuous dispensing
  • Energy-eye sensor
  • Compact size (18cm) and slimmest design



Penapis Air Tankless Paling Canggih Di Malaysia

Product highlight:
  • 100°C Extra Hot Function (Patented)
  • Sterilization Water
  • In & Out Auto Sterilization
  • Adjustable Faucet
  • Hot water temperature settings
  • Hot, cold and room temperature
  • Smart touch panel


Prince Top

Penapis Air Jenis tankless Warna Rose Gold

Product highlight:
  • Tankless design that dispenses both hot and cold water
  • CUCKOO’s slimmest design yet
  • Rose Gold finishing
  • Smart Temperature Settings — 40°C, 50°C, 60°C, 70°C
  • Effortless continuous Flow for effortless water
  • Voice Navigation (Malay, Mandarin & English)
  • In & Out Auto Electrolytic Sterilisation



Penapis Air Tankless Air Suhu Bilik Sahaja

Product highlight:
  • Tankless – Super slim and space-saving design
  • Designed for small homes and workplaces
  • Light, slim and stylish
  • Sleek and modern touch control panel
  • Easy-to-replace filter
  • Room temperature drinking water
  • 5-Stage Filtration with 3 Filters
  • Detachable Water Tray & Faucet Cover for Easy Cleaning

Prime X3 CUCKOO Outdoor Water Filter Harga Terkini


Prime X3 Cuckoo Outdoor Water Filter

Supply Air Untuk Keseluruhan Rumah Anda, Tahan Lasak, Auto Flush, Free Timer, Diskaun RM800 Untuk Outright

Penapis Udara CUCKOO Harga Terkini Cuckoo BATU CAVES


R Model

Design Korea Yang Menarik minimalist, Membersihkan Udara Dalam Rumah


C Model

Penapis Udara Dilengkap Dengan Plasma Ionizer Untuk Membersihkan Pengaliran Udara Dalam Rumah


K Model

Penapis Udara Dengan Coverage 360° Lebih Mengeluruh Membersihkan Udara


D Model

Penapis Udara Dengan Coverage 360° Lebih Mengeluruh Membersihkan Udara & Dilengkapi Dengan Plasma Ionizer


C+ Humidifier

Antara Yang Tercanggih, Penapis Udara Plasma Ionizer, Berfungsi Untuk Membersih & Melembabkan Udara

Product highlight:
  • Superfine Humidification Moisture Particles: Moisturises the air even in wide spaces
  • Upgraded Ultra PM2.5 Filter: Eliminates up to 99.95% of airborne dust
  • Plasma Ioniser: Turns harmful substances into clean air
  • 4-filter & 7-level Filtration System
  • Multiple Operating Modes
  • Voice Guide with 4 Languages
  • Plethora of Convenient Functions

Tilam CUCKOO Harga Terkini


Super Single

Tilam Super Single Sesuai Anak2 Lebih Besar & Selesa

Aircond CUCKOO Harga Terkini


Aircond Cuckoo Inverter

𝗞𝗲𝗹𝗲𝗯𝗶𝗵𝗮𝗻 𝗔𝗶𝗿𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗱 𝗖𝘂𝗰𝗸𝗼𝗼 𝗜𝗻𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗲𝗿 - Jimat Electric - Ade Wifi Control Guna Apps Fujiaire - Free Servis Aircond Setiap 6 Bulan - Free Major Servis Setiap 18 Bulan - Free Maintenance 5 Tahun - Free Waranty 5 Tahun


Cuckoo Uniq Portable Aircond

CUCKOO UNIQ Portable Air Conditioner is equipped with a unique technology that can accelerate the cooling of the condenser so you can enjoy cool air in no time! Sesuai Untuk Bilik, Asrama Anak2 Dan Lain2

Induction Cuckoo Harga Terkini

Induction Cuckoo Ada 2 Jenis Iaitu INDUCTRO & INDUCTWO


Cuckoo INDUCTRIO Hybrid Induction
2 Induction Hobs + Ceramic Hob For 3X Faster Cooking
Product highlight:
  • Direct Touch Sensor.
  • IH Ultra-high Temperature Mode.
  • High-heat Algorithm.
  • Hybrid Induction Hob.
  • 80mm stainless steel casing.
Price : 
Rental RM100 

Cuckoo INDUCTWO Hybrid Induction
2 Hob Hybrid Cooktop With A High-Heat Algorithm
Product highlight:
  • Dual Highlight Cooking Zone
  • Precise heat conduction with expansion functions
  • Induction Heating Cooking Zone
  • Quick Heat with Turbo Mode

Cuckoo Pressure Multicooker

Cuckoo P10
Product highlight:
  • Eco Pressure Multi-Cooker
  • 14 Safety Features
  • XWall Diamond Coating
  • Stainless Steel Detachable Cover
  • Double Layer Rubber Packing
  • Auto Steam Sterilisation
  • Voice Navigation
  • Smart Algorithm
  • Preset
  • Timer
  • 9 Cooking Modes
    – RICE
    – Oven
    – Sushi Rice
    – Multi Cook
    – Baby Food
    – Turbo Rice
    – Ferment Bread

Cuckoo JHT10

Asia’s first cooker that is built with both high-pressure and non-pressure settings!

Product highlight:
  • 22 safety features
  • 14 cooking modes
  • Power saving
  • Direct touch menu display
  • Multi-language voice navigation
  • In & Out full stainless steel
  • Simple one-touch release cover lid
  • Full Stainless Xwall Curved inner pot

Cook passionately with the red & black Q10 multi-cooker – your best kitchen companion!

Product highlight:
  • Safety Lock Mechanism
  • Multilingual Voice Navigator
  • 1.8 kPa Pressure Cooking
  • Gaba Rice Function (Germinated Brown Rice)
  • Anti-Heat Inner Pot Handle
  • Non-Stick Inner Pot (Diamond coating)
  • Present Cooking
  • Auto-Clean Function (Steam Sterilisation)
  • Comprehensive Cooking Modes

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